MUYOMBANO Jewelry materials

Today I want to share with you some information about the material we have been using for our fist three collections. For now our main focus lied on Stainless Steel which is commonly used for jewelry production. We chose this material because we highly value its typical properties. It is extremely resistant and hard, does not oxidize, is easy to maintain and thus has a long life span. This way the jewelry can be worn on a daily basis and offers best possible compatibility. Using different kinds of (technical) coatings and production processes you can create beautiful colors and effects. This is how we achieve our GOLD and BLACK colors giving the pieces an exceptional look. Being so resistant and pure at the same time it offers you the possibility to be creative, expressive and to cross boundaries.

Amazing artists like Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons inspire us. Through their exceptional design, creativity and excellent craftsmanship these artists demonstrate the beauty, diversity and perfection of Stainless Steel.


jeff-koons_balloon-flower anish-kapoornon-object-spire anish-kapoor-vertigo anish-kapoornon-object-pole jeff-koons_tulips jeff-koons_balloon-dog-red anish-kapoor_turning-the-world-upside-down-II anish-kapoor_cloud-gate_the-jelly-bean anish-kapoor_stainless-steel-gold anish-kapoor_tall-tree-the-eye anish-kapoor_stainless-steel-green jeff-koons-e2809ccracked-egge2809d anish-kapoor anish-kaporr_stainless-steel-with-red



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

365 days full of challenges and special moments. Thank you all for your great support during our first year.
We wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas Time as well as a bright and successful New Year.

Not all among us had such a great year and so we would like to remind you that…

Surprised by Hamburg

Sitting in Hamburg at the airport and enjoying all the beautiful impressions I got form my first visit to this city.
I didn’t really expect anything even though I had only heared great things about the people and the city. So when I arrived to the East Hotel yesterday I felt this kind of different energy.

An energy that captures you and keeps you curious. I spent a crazy evening at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. It actually rivals Amsterdam‘s Red Light District for its magnitude. A corridor of sex shops, strip shows and brothels located in St. Pauli. After some drinks I went to see a show at Pulverfass Cabaret. Fun show, no doubt!!
Had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel this morning and full of energy I mad my way to the city. I immediately  understood what the city was all about… Beautiful people, stylish stores (and I am not talking about the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Akris etc. stores @ Neuer Wall or Große Bleiche), cute cafés and so much more.
I am surprised by this city and I want to know and see more about it… One day is just way too short. It is time to plan the next trip so Muyombano Jewelry can “go Hamburg”!

Love, A