NAYA tubes collection

We proudly present you the new NAYA tubes Collection.

This collection is very diverse and expressive in its simplicity. The idea is to choose your individual tube-chain-combination out of three different tube sizes and chain lengths. Both tubes and chains are made out of the same high quality stainless steel as the exclusive PURE Collection. But for more playful and edgy combinations you may also choose from three different sizes of rubber chains.
We love the idea of using one and the same piece for two different purposes and so you can wear the smallest tube as a necklace but also as a bracelet if combined with a medium-length rubber chain. Our favourite piece in this collection is the Double T-XL Special necklace.

The production of the NAYA Collection is equal to the first collection PURE a mix of highly precise mechanical and manual processes of the best stainless steel. This way we achive the perfect quality and finishes we strive for.

Please share your opinion with us and let us know which combination you prefer.
Love, MUYOMBANO jewelry


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